“Rob is terrific. His care is first rate and I always feel better after I leave. His staff is very accommodating with bookings and they are easy to get hold of.”

“Rob is great! I have been going to him for a year and a half and my back is feeling a lot better. He always has a solution from what is ailing me. I never knew all the benefits of a chiropractor prior to visiting Dr. Benati.”

“Dr. Robert Benati is very caring and truely wants to keep you living in the heathiest state you can.”

“Dr. Rob Benati is an excellent chiropractor.  He has been of great help to myself and especially to my husband who has had major back issues his whole life.  Dr. Benati is a very upbeat, positive and caring person.  He lives and promotes this hollistic method of healing. He has gone above and beyond with scheduling and helping my husband. When I was receiving treatment as well, he was always professional and provided a lot of guidance and excellent advice. We highly recommend him to anyone and hope that he continues to practice for a very long time.”

“He subbed for my own chiropractor (whom I really like), and almost preferred him to my own! He was wonderful, patient, knowledgeable and kind.”

“Very caring about your needs explains well all that he is doing or wants to do over a period of visits”

Thank You

Dr. Rob, I have been under chiropractic care for almost three years. I have been under your care for the past few months. As a fitness professional and entrepreneur I do not offer praise lightly but in this instance it is incredibly well deserved.

From birth I was virtually a prisoner of my own body. I had 15 body casts before my third birthday and surgery on my right hip during university which left me in another body cast for 3 months. At the age of 40 I received my first hip replacement and at the age of 50 I received my 2 nd hip replacement. My right knee is bone on bone. In July of 2013 I experienced a different kind of pain that nearly ended my career. I lived with that pain for months, seeing my orthopedic surgeon, my knee surgeon and my chiropractors in London. I could move my body but when I stopped the pain was intolerable. I was unable to drive or be a passenger in a car. I have lived with pain all of my life. This was clearly different. All the doctors assured me it was Sciatica and offered me medication. I do not like to take pain medication but I was desperate. I was discouraged and felt helpless. It didn’t help.

When I came for my first visit I sensed that I was welcomed. I saw wonderful quotes on the white board. I felt an instant kinship. Dr. Rob, you listened with a gentle ear, examined as I held back screams of discomfort and asked me to get an x-ray on my back. In my life time no one has ever asked me to get an x-ray on my back. Within the week I was back in your office and I got to look with utter disbelief at the results. All I could think of was yet another hurdle to get over. I have severe scoliosis in my lower vertebrae.

The first thing you did was give me a visual of the severity of the degeneration.  You did not give me false hope about how long it would take except that it would take time and I would feel better. I was faithful to your recommendation and came 3 times per week. I was still in a great deal of pain but you never once failed to offer me hope. You helped me in my work and you were the first person to offer advice I give to my own clients. You said “when you feel better don’t start going crazy and lifting heavy weights because you will end up back here the way you came in.”  You encouraged me to re evaluate and start learning different techniques for the way I conduct my training for my business and for my own health. Within 2 1/2 weeks, I had one pain free day. Within a month there was no pain and my energy levels are at an all time maximum. I believe you truly understand my passion for my profession and are concerned as well for my personal health.

Dr. Rob, you gave me back my life. I realize that it will always be an uphill battle for me. However, I am grateful to you for your honesty, your guidance and I trust you. That is why I bring my family and refer my clients. I do believe in Chiropractic Care and I do believe that If people listen and follow your advice they will have a much better quality of life. What a wonderful profession to be in!

Thank you to your office staff for being more than amazing –knowing each client and making us all feel so welcome. Dorchester has been truly blessed by Dorchester Chiropractic Services and the wonderful care we are receiving.

Shelley A. Coletti – owner Mad about Fitness

In January 2001 I was taken ill with extremely painful lower back and both legs and I also found I could not feel my feet. I went to see Dr. G. MacNeil, who referred me to the specialist at London University Hospital. They said I had trapped sciatic nerves in my lower spine and suggested a variety of treatment.  This I discussed with Dr. MacNeil.  He suggested that before I tried any of the ideas suggested, I should visit Dr Robert Benati, as he was a very good Kinesiologist and Chiropractor.  I must admit that I had doubts about this. But as I was advised by my doctor I went to see Dr. Benati.

I took my X-ray photographs and other information to Dr. Benati he looked at the information and then gave me a thorough examination he said “You have a trapped sciatic nerves and I can help you.”  He advised me to come see him for treatment several times a week for some time and later reduced the attendances.  During this time he removed the pain in my back and legs and I was able to walk comfortably again. I now keep a regular check up with him, thus keeping me fully mobile.

I do not know about other Chiropractors, but Dr. Benati certainly changed my mind about them. 

Thank you,   Peter M. Drury



I highly recommend Dr. Rob Benati as the most qualified, knowledgeable, caring, as well as gentle Chiropractor I’ve ever known.  I feel very fortunate to have someone that I can trust as I do, right in my home town of Dorchester.  I have been visiting Dr. Benati regularly since 2003, and attribute my pain-free, mobile qualify of life to his regular treatments.
When I moved to Dorchester around 2002, I was afraid I’d have trouble finding a good Chiropractor that I could trust.   Dr. Benati’s office is right at the corner of Hamilton and Dorchester Road, so I thought I’d just try one visit.  I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I stopped in.  I got my assessment done and have been going back regularly ever since.   Dr. Benati is keeping my spine supple and healthy, and I attribute these regular treatments to the wonderful quality of life I currently enjoy.  
If you’re looking for a Chiropractor, let me recommend Dr. Benati for yourself and every member of your family.  I’ve seen whole families come in, including the baby!  I’ve learned a great deal about keeping your spine supple and healthy; it’s never too soon to do this for your body.  I promise it will keep you in the best shape your body can provide.  
Dr. Benati handled a few emergencies in my family over the years, too.  He is absolutely available to help when you need it.
Is he too good to be true?  No!  He’s wonderful!  We’re very fortunate to have such a qualified and dedicated Chiropractor in our community.  Stop by even if you have questions or would like to meet him.  You’ll be happy that you did.  
Deb T